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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is It Too Early for a Trip to the Mediterranean or Mexico?

I know it isn't even winter yet and we are having a fabulous Indian summer here in the Northwest, but I am thinking of packing it up and heading somewhere warm, sandy and an sea breeze. In my dreams...because in reality I'll be bunking down here in Southern Oregon where the winter are really mild and hoping to sew up some of the fabulous vintage patterns I have acquired recently. Patterns from the 20s to the 70s, mostly from the 50s, all 831 one them. No, I am only going to work on one or two. But the most exciting thing I want to do is turn some of the more detailed, unprinted and complicated to assemble ones into easy to use PDF files, those would be the ones from the 30s and 40s. Starting with the tops and swimsuits that have smaller layouts.

Back to the Mediterranean or closer to home Mexico (vintage pattern posts will come later), here are is some lovely fashions from Vogue 1968. All photo were taken in Mexico, except one in San Francisco.

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Transparent shirt of purple voile, and a pailletted silver kilt reflecting silver sandals like a gladiator. by Ginori.

Brown-on-ivory tunic, ivory-on-brown pants, scarf sash paisley silk on silk, by Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner

Belted tunic over pants, covered within an inch of throat, wrist, foot in lineny cloth as blue as the sky, by B.H. Wragge

Patch-pocket tunic on it's own, with shirt buttons, shirt sleeves, and shirting tucks squaring away each pocket, by B.H. Wragge

Brilliant green voile wrapped and sashed under the bosom, petal hems fluttering over long thonged legs, by Rikki for Spot-Trio

Little printed handerchief dress of navy and copper cotton voile, sprinkled with flat white sequins-the waist in chains, the hem in points, by Trigere
A Chinese dragon gleaming gold, with red and green on black, a dress with high neck and Flared sleeves, by Valentino of silk satin.

White and lacquered orange on black, with black yoke and sleeves by Valentino of silk satin.
Pink and white beads patterning a little top over long silk cullottes printed in bright pink, pale pink, split at the front, an over skirt of gauzy pink chiffon, silk dress and print by Hanae Mori.

Speckled in golden flakes, pink and white printed chiffon that glows with allure-a wrap top baring the midriff, a long full skirt, a marvelous belt with swags of gilt and pearl beads by Malcolm Start
A touch of the Spanish in the red printed organza, the flounced skirt and sleeves, the shawl collar V-d to the waist and edged with a shiver of fringe, by Oscar de La Renta
Sundown yellow, soft and floaty with crisp white organdie collar and cuffs, a gardenia at the neck, a shiny white belt, yards and yards of skirt, by Sarmi of silk georgette.
A kimono, a Pierrot jumpsuit, sleeves to the hem and a wrap front that forms a high V-neck, a marvelous dress shape for evening, added is the long toss of obi, it comes with a pump black and gilt rope sash, by Chester Weinberg of silk gazar

Pierrot suit with a ruff for a collar, long floppy sleeves, huge white pompoms. The pants, wide at the hem, by Rikki for Sports-Trio
Left: Ottoman knit wrap, ice-hot green all the sharper for the lots of white tape, by Leslie Fay. Right: Crinkly pink gingham shirtdress with freshly laundered look of little girl checks, by Adele Simpson.
Left: Crisp white voile shirt-buttoned and shirt-cuffed with lace, a white leather belt circles high and wide of the waist, by Kasper for Joan Leslie. Right: Sheer voile stripes cut freshly as can be -  and in shirting's best blue-and-white tradition, by Anne Fogarty.

White with Aztec gold, a silky soft-falling dress like a short sari, white plisse crepe gleaming with golden threads. Lifted waist with a narrow golden belt, added another belt of gilt coins and mock pearls, by Mollie Parnis.

Dazzling white cotton lace framing a sleek brown midriff...turtleneck top like a little cape, falling just over the bust, wide drindl-y skirt, banded at waist and hem, by Trigere.
 Beautiful resort wear, perfect for those warmer climates. Sorry I couldn't read my photos to give designer credit to the first three photos, I'll update on my next trip to the library.

So, where is your dream vacation and do you have a favorite outfit to take along?


  1. I love some of these looks, especially the first one. Dream vaction for me, Japan. Outfits? Hmm...I'd like to visit when it's warm and bring some light dresses ;)

  2. Van - Japan sounds awesome. I love the young fashion trends like 'Gothic Lolita' some of the girls have adopted in Japan.