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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Beautiful Mid-Century Home

This article was posted on my Facebook from Midcentury Home Magazine. It features the Craig Ellwood Bobrtz home in San Diego, California. I love the tall windows and minimalist decor in the open space. The recent owner restored the home to it's 1956-58 glory. My taste in homes has certainly changed as I grow older and as the years pass. In my teen I loved Victorian structures, still do, I never cared for the moderist look. Now I am more mature, meaning that the moderist style is vintage and I love it, want to make it my own. Time to pass on the frilly crochet doilies, carved chair legs, and gold-gilt pictures and take up a new vintage look. Also, in the near futrue I can't wait to see what my home may look like when I go for the 60's and 70's vintage styles; shag carpets, psychedelic posters and macrame wall hangings, groovey!

boberts residence - craig ellwood - darren bradley - outside view

Read and see more photo of this fantastic home The Craig Ellwood Bobertz Residence

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