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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Designing with Buttonholes

I love these vintage dresses. The buttonhole designs add a touch of individuality to these lovely dresses.

You can add a variety of collar or cuff designs by using this simple buttonhole technique.

More beautiful trim is added with this easy buttonhole slash design.Perfect for making those sexy lace up corsets

Scarves, ribbons and bows have nothing on these beautiful dresses. This design would work well with added sashes too!

Experiment with these techniques and design some extraordinary dresses that stand out and say oh-la-la!

Coming up designs with slot seams...until then happy sewing...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring and Summer 1950s Fashion

I just got back from Hawaii with visit to Oahu, Kauai, and Hilo on the Big Island visiting family and friends. I should say my body is back but my mind and spirit still seems to be in Hawaii. How long does it take to acclimate back to daily chores and weather. so with my spirit still feeling strongly attached to the beautiful tropical breezes, ocean sand and amazing sunsets here are a few summer styles tantalize. 

I love this swimsuit and the matching skirt is divine. I often worn a skirt over my swimsuit too!

The white linen middy dress, a streak of the hottest new color in town. No schoolgirl's look, the collar is a high loose turtle neck, the shoulder are cut-away, and it's cut to cling like jersey. $29.95

The printed empire dress, the dress with the high sweet waist. The print is one of the new wide-opened ones - a blue sky flecked with black and white wings. Silk shantung, $45. The bamboo mailbox, a line-for-line translation from the original. It's very closely woven plastic bamboo and very convincing take-off. By Ronay from $10.95 to $15

Two very pretty lemon frocks with hip and bodice waist smocking in Arnel and cotton, $30

Love these cool spring and summer fashions...

And, I should show you the Hawaiian fabric I bought while I was in Hawaii, can't decide what styles to make with them, I only got 2 yards of each so the full skirted dresses are out. I need to take pictures then I'll get them posted, maybe I'll find some patterns I like to show too, guess I had better get to looking through my pattern stash. Until then...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Vogue 1957 Dresses and Swimsuits

We are taking a trip to Hawaii for the next two weeks, so warm climate clothes are on my mind. We will be doing a little island hopping, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island and want I want to look my best, so if I had the figure I would definitely bring these dresses and swimsuits along.

In the best circles...Fashion circles endorse the animated sheath, the empire midriff, the pure silk shantung. social circles esteem the dress that swings from South to summer with poise and grace. In turquoise, navy, cognac, under $25.

Your own natural wonders...magnificently dramatized in an exotic primitive polished-cotton purely to intensify the lure nature's glory to you. Turquoise/brown, rose/olive, blue/green and all black. By Robby Len 

Handkerchief cottons - little evening dressing on Caneel Bay. Here, and wherever evenings tend to be small and soft-climated,some of the best new directions go this way: cotton - thin and blowy and little-waisted. Blouse and full-length skirt plaided like Madras - red, citron, orange; the waist,wrapped high by a cummerbund (nice change of pace for skirt: a white silk shirt) by Toni Owen. top about $8, skirt about $18.

Beauty comes alive...with Ansonia elasticized fabric. The excitement in this picture is the Ansonia's new paisley, achieved for the first time in woven Jacquard, of elasticized Chromspun acetate and cotton. An inspiring way of bringing Jantzen's new scooped-neck swimsuit silhouette to life, with figure molding beauty that lives so much longer. In red, royal or black paisley, $22.50.

Everglaze bubblin-over...Two from Loomtogs: beach-plum print for a swimsuit, about $13. Jamaica shorts about $13. White on pink or blue. White blouse about $7.

Well with these beauties I am ready, packed and on my way. Hope you all get somewhere warm during these cold winter months if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage Quilting Dress Detail Technique and Patterns 1940 ~ 1960

These techniques are from How to add Magic Style Touches to Your Sewing from white sewing machines booklet. The stitching and quilting techniques and some charm and unique detailing to your dresses, suits, or blouses

Here are a few vintage patterns that adapt well to the stitching and quilting techniques

Stitching or quilting detail perfect for the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps on this Advance 5390 at Penelope Rose $20

Simplicity 1935 at Penelope Rose $12

The stitching detail would look great trimmed down the front and along the peplum edge. Pattern at Penelope Rose $12.50

Quilting details work well with the front placket and side detail on the sleeves of this 1960s vintage 'sack dress' Simplicity 2341 Penelope Rose $8

Find a pattern that works for you and give this stitching or quilting detail a try, enjoy and happy sewing!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beautiful 1950s Vintage Summer Dresses

We have had a super cold snap here in the Northwest these last few weeks, but now the weather is starting to warm up, getting in the upper 40s with some rain, so all the snow is melting. When it gets cold it is time to think of warmer climates and the lovely vintage dresses that you would wear, enjoy!

Love the print and darker muted colors of this dress, always love anything tropical. This print reminds me more of a tribal print with a Victorian twist. The bolero jacket is perfect for a little bit of cover up when needed, and even sweeter with that touch of bright yellow.

This organdy shuntung dress is spectacular for summer! It's's washable...with a perky touch of white appliqued lace a the cool cap sleeves. In navy, grey, or brown.

Susan Ross strikes the high notes with singing colors in Avondale's Satin Stripe Chambray...the harmony with matching solid these sun-dress and jacket duets. Seated: light grey with red, lilac with green or yellow with gray. Standing: dark grey with yellow, green with pink or brown with blue. Sizes 10-20 About $9. Sanforized
I really would love to have the red and grey one, so cute!

What do you think of these for summer? Leave a comment


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beautiful Vintage Dresses of the 50s

Love these beautiful vintage dresses from 50s. Each style is a bit different than the last. What fun it would be to have a day out dresses in these lovely frocks.

Pearled Plaid: Wamsutta's summery shadowy gingham with pearly buttons all over just for their lovely looks - A dress cut on the cooling system - little top, large skirt, a collar of your own tan. Blue or grey plaid cuffed with white pique, leather belt. $19.95

Those denim you prefer, now in the colors most becoming - always bear the label "Sailing blues" to guarantee good styling, perfect fit, complete washability. In everything from briefest bras and shorts, to jackets and slacks, nautical dresses and sun frocks with boleros. Nautical dress about $10.95, Sun dress $8.95, bolero $3.95

Modern design DOES make a big difference with the "Young Cosmopolitan. She loves the coolness and comfort in the streamlined bodice of this "modern design" print cotton dress ... the simple ball button trim and the smart pockets slashed into the side seams of a stand-out-by-itself skirt. Navy on pale blues, purple on lilac or black on beige...$12.95

Do you have a favorite? I love the sundress and I also love plaid.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Vintage Vogue 1957 Perfect for a Tropical Vacation

Is it to early to plan the summer? Definitely not to early for a winter vacation to a tropical paradise. We will be heading to Hawaii at the end of Jan. so I am sharing these dreamy vintage outfits and do with I had a few of these to take along. All the outfits shown are from Vogue 1957.

Swimsuits by Dior, Vogue 1957
Original cost ~ Empire on left $29.95, button one on right $35
Love both of these swimsuits, I think that white one would flatten my tummy nicely.
Signature fine Art Cottons

Signature silken cotton sateen in turquoise, gold, black $25. Fabrics also available by the yard

Floral streamer print by WAMSUTTA in dacron and cotton blend.

Sundress girdled in cotton chiffon $30, one-piece boy pants swimsuit $18, deck jacket $12.

From Oleg Cassini

This lovely dress has a very low back, love the details.
This would complete my wardrobe, going from the beach to day wear and evening cocktail. I am having such a wonderful time in my 'love to have' vintage. And, if you have noticed these beautiful outfits are so wearable today. hope you have everything you need for your vacation. Bon Voyage!