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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finding Vintage Fashion

Some of my favorite recent vintage finds

1950s black and white cotton fitted dress with full skirt

I found this lovely black and white 50s dress at the Gleaners. The Gleaner Thrift Store is a non-profit whose volunteers go out and glean food from the trees and gardens in the local area. I live in Southern Oregon so produce is very abundant  from spring to Fall. Harry and David's is a local company that grow fancy apples and pears in the valley for their gift boxes.

Now-a-days the gleaners also glean food from the local grocery chains and share with other food bank non-profits. The Gleaner Thift Store is one of those crazy stores that have great prices and a very scattered hodge-podge of goods. Although, I noticed in the last few weeks they are getting a bit more tidy in appearance, but so far the prices have still been great.

Are you always searching for the most beautiful and unique clothing that makes your heart jump and gives a jingly thrill. Yes, the trill of the hunt, stalking the stores, estate sales, and those posted yard sale - this way - signs.

Oh ah, and knowing what a long day it has been, but just one more stop, one more, and all day it has been a bust, other than a few okay nothing spectacular finds, but still a find none the less, just so the entire day is not lost chasing the elusive gold.

This is my now new technique for finding those lovelies...I do a craigslist search for garage sales and put vintage in the search bar, once it brings up all the vintage to offer at these sales I look through and see if any of them have clothing, usually they are for vintage collectibles, but every once and a while clothing will come up. I find that estate sale are the best because these are usually from homes of older folks that have hung onto their stuff and are now willing to part ways with their luscious belongings that they have been collecting for years, lucky for us.

white aurora borelis large pin

Sometimes when I am out driving for errands I'll pass a yard sale sign and check them out, you can kind of judge by a quick drive by if they may have anything of value worth stopping for, sometimes not and that is a bummer, stopping, getting out walking over not finding anything walking back to the car empty handed. I occasionally will stop at thrift stores because you never know just what they may hold. My favorite thrift stores are the ones in very small towns that are not all gussied up like a boutique, but are a hodge-podge of finds. and then there are the antique and collectible shops. I do like to check these out on occasion, because they do carry what I look for and sometimes I can get some very nice dresses for not to to much, sometimes. Here some more of my favorite recent finds...

1960s pink peignoir set by Kayser ~ sold ~ from an estate sale and shipped to Austria

I scored several 1970s maxi dresses and jumpsuit at the same estate sale as the peignoir.

So, now that the weather is warming up here in the northern hemispere it is time to get out there a go for the hunt and find those gems. Best of luck! And, come back here and share your favs.


  1. Very cool fashion finds! I really like the first 50s styled dress and that white one with the pink and green is amazing!

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