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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween In Ashland, Oregon

There were some fantastic costumes out for this Halloween in Ashland. I went down to the 'Children's Parade' with my daughter and granddaughter and snapped some very creative costumes. I love it, because people are trilled to have their picture taken on this day showing off their handi-work. Oh, I missed the parade, had to go to the post office and mail some packages, but got some great shots.

Flower children, mod and groovy!

Beautiful Ice Queen and her royal king

Space age, just visiting planet Earth.

Just out for a walk.

Okay these are not really costumes, they are our volunteer citizens, keeping traffic at bay. But like I said I missed the parade so I was able to capture these two taking a break.
Sign says 'Occupy the Empire'

A Knight and his royal Ninja sidekick

One of my favorites, 'The Nightmare before Christmas'

Right O' matey, wench and mead

A lovely group of Carmen Miranda dancers
My daughter told me about this guy, so when I spotted him I had to take his picture, dirty laundry, we all have it.

My daughter also pointed out this girl, Juno

Loved the hairdo, a great looking hip family, don't you think. I spotted this robe at the Goodwill a week ago, it made a great costume.

These snails moved to fast for me to get a front shot.

The perfect Gleena, Dorothy and Toto
My daughter also pointed these guys out, The men are bees and of course the women are the beekeepers :)

I've always loved Popeye and Olive Oil, such a historical love affair.

These girls were to colorful to pass up

Such a great Egyptian costume and the two youngest are bad either.

My granddaughter took a potty break inside the Standing Stone Brewery and I thought I would snap this picture. They also have great food and lots of really good entertainment.

Passes this Viking going into the Standing Stone as I was coming out.

A mime and Robin Hood
Hey this is my neighbor Keri, the pilgrim, and a friend, Pipi Longstocking, her two boys were chasing after candy

These folks were having a blast, he said if I wanted to take a picture I would have to be a member, I said okay, it looked like a fun club.

This little poodle wanted me to be sure I got his tail, too cute!

So psychedelic!
I dream of Genie and the Major, what a great pair.

Another of my favorites was the silver future girl with her family and friends.

These two guys were just hanging out, they were taking to a ninja cowboy.

Lovely lady passing out candy from one of the stores. I had to be quick to snap her pictures 'cause of all the kids crowding in for the trick or treating.
I thought this mouse head was to cool!

And a picture of my granddaughter and daughter, My daughter dressed up later and hit the clubs, she was a circus ringleader, I babysat. and hit the sack.

 Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and if you have costume pics, please share...


  1. WOW, what wonderful photos of such colourful and creative costumes from a parade in one of my favorite towns in the USA.
    Anita in AZ
    (aka Melobeau of MelodyODesigns)

  2. Thanks Anita, Was a fun time had by all :)

  3. These are fantastic photos!! I don't think I have ever seen such 'effort' with the costumes. They were all so unique and clever. Some thought was def involved with all of these.

    The devil guy looks like Hugh Hefner and a couple of them reminded me of Krista from Peetee's Palace blog. She lives in Portland - have you seen her blog before?

  4. Found you by way of Michelle she's a doll. I'm loving all these Halloween pictures!!!

  5. What a great post, the parade was epic this year, so many costumed people, adults outnumbered the kids!! Great photos Victoria! And thanks for stopping by my blog today!! :)