vintage patterns

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Texture, patterns and color are the fab from Vogue 1968 magazine ads

Let's start with a little texture. Such a dramatic profile. Love the pink feathers.

Side note here ~ Oh, I have to have those earrings, they would go so perfect for the holidays. Or at least make them for my handcrafted shop, at some point in time, soon to be, if I can only think of a name. In the meantime the design is up for grabs.

Now for a some patterns in a very wearable textile

Here is what the ad said about the two dresses above: One of those small knitted wools that leads a big-time life - in lime-green, striated with peach-colored wiggles-waggles. By Viola Sylbert for Albert in size 6-14, $75. And, Blips and bleeps of orange/green/yellow/cream wheeling all over a jersey T-dress. Don Simonelli for Mia; wool double-knit, 3-15, $40.

Above:  Fish-scale printing, overlapping rainbows of lime/purple/white, here in two great shapes....Left, a tall-turtled, haltered skim, $11. right, skinny-sleeved skimmy with the current In neckline - high, square, $15

Below: A deliciously nostalgic print, acid green looping the loop on white chiffon - very Arts Deco, very paris 1914. The Now shape, skimmy. $35

I hope that helps for those of you selling on-line with writing descriptions. But who would know what a skimmy is? I wore these kind of clothes, hair, make-up and jewelry in the 60s, but never remember hearing the word skimmy.

Below: This year's (1968) steamroller fashion is the powerful print dress. But the print's got to be punchy, vervy. Verviest - the Frenchish blips, zigs, zags we call Arts Deco. Blue and red burgees flying on a skimmy white dress. A kerchief's knotted at the neck $15.

These pictured below are just some more awesome textured textiles used for making high fashion designer wear by Ungaro. The jumpsuit below is in pink organza with white ruched velvet. So, here's to Paris and evening jumpsuits.

And, one last bold patterned palazzo dress pants by Anne Fogarty:

Do you like the geometric patterns and bold pints and textures?


  1. I do like bold patterns, as long as they are in a color palette I like. I'm so looking forward to the Missoni line being at Target!

  2. Wow, that pink dress covered with feathers is fantastic! Who made it?

  3. Oops, sorry! For some reason, my original comment posted 3 times!

  4. super cool to see those images. i'm struck my how current they look!