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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Vogue 1957 Dresses and Swimsuits

We are taking a trip to Hawaii for the next two weeks, so warm climate clothes are on my mind. We will be doing a little island hopping, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island and want I want to look my best, so if I had the figure I would definitely bring these dresses and swimsuits along.

In the best circles...Fashion circles endorse the animated sheath, the empire midriff, the pure silk shantung. social circles esteem the dress that swings from South to summer with poise and grace. In turquoise, navy, cognac, under $25.

Your own natural wonders...magnificently dramatized in an exotic primitive polished-cotton purely to intensify the lure nature's glory to you. Turquoise/brown, rose/olive, blue/green and all black. By Robby Len 

Handkerchief cottons - little evening dressing on Caneel Bay. Here, and wherever evenings tend to be small and soft-climated,some of the best new directions go this way: cotton - thin and blowy and little-waisted. Blouse and full-length skirt plaided like Madras - red, citron, orange; the waist,wrapped high by a cummerbund (nice change of pace for skirt: a white silk shirt) by Toni Owen. top about $8, skirt about $18.

Beauty comes alive...with Ansonia elasticized fabric. The excitement in this picture is the Ansonia's new paisley, achieved for the first time in woven Jacquard, of elasticized Chromspun acetate and cotton. An inspiring way of bringing Jantzen's new scooped-neck swimsuit silhouette to life, with figure molding beauty that lives so much longer. In red, royal or black paisley, $22.50.

Everglaze bubblin-over...Two from Loomtogs: beach-plum print for a swimsuit, about $13. Jamaica shorts about $13. White on pink or blue. White blouse about $7.

Well with these beauties I am ready, packed and on my way. Hope you all get somewhere warm during these cold winter months if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

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