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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vintage Quilting Dress Detail Technique and Patterns 1940 ~ 1960

These techniques are from How to add Magic Style Touches to Your Sewing from white sewing machines booklet. The stitching and quilting techniques and some charm and unique detailing to your dresses, suits, or blouses

Here are a few vintage patterns that adapt well to the stitching and quilting techniques

Stitching or quilting detail perfect for the collar, cuffs and pocket flaps on this Advance 5390 at Penelope Rose $20

Simplicity 1935 at Penelope Rose $12

The stitching detail would look great trimmed down the front and along the peplum edge. Pattern at Penelope Rose $12.50

Quilting details work well with the front placket and side detail on the sleeves of this 1960s vintage 'sack dress' Simplicity 2341 Penelope Rose $8

Find a pattern that works for you and give this stitching or quilting detail a try, enjoy and happy sewing!

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