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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Harper's Bazzar January 1950 Fashions

Since I was out and about yesterday, I decided it was a good time to stop at my local university library and scan some more vintage fashion. It is always a challenge to find parking where I can spend more than 30 min. Fridays work best because that is when most classes don't meet, so yea, I was able to find parking fairly close to the library and spent several hours scanning.

I look for fashion that appeals to me and has a unique quality, as Nina Garcia would say "..we've seen this before..." 

So I'll be posting some of those with the exception of  the swimsuit ads from Coles, Catalina, Jantzen and Sea Mold that I'll save for this summer in the northern hemisphere. 

For beautiful drape and fine texture Enka Rayon in an exotic spaced print on a soft malleable crepe short dinner dress by Joseph Whitehead is good theatre against a background of palms - equally effective for summer in cooler climes.

Lots if details in this silk shantung dress sprinkled with three-cornered embroidered white dots from Henri Bendel at $125.

Two silk's the pleated skirt or deep batwing sleeves for your New Year wardrobe from Henry Rosenfeld, on left comes in green, copper, turquoise, toast; on right green, toast, red, turquoise $17.95 each.

Is there a favorite and a particular detail that is appealing? Let me know in the comments below, thanks I am always interested in what others think of these designs, good or bad.

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