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Friday, May 23, 2014

On the Wild Side of Mid Century Home Decor

I love mid century design, the sleek lines, rad colors and overall mix of modern and creative ideas. These mid century designs are just a bit ove the top in bold colors, but for the time, they were what was trending, modern and new. I really like certain element in each design as an onging student of design and style. These bold room lend themselves to create your own style.  A as lover of vintage and fashion I can take what I like in each room and create a new fashion garment or use for my own home decor ideas. Inspiration is found everywhere even in old mid centruy home decor magazines.

This is one bright yellow room, a bit to much yellow for my taste, although I do like the yellow panel curtains and yellow shag rug. A nice idea they used in this room was the panels on the wall, I love large graphics for wall decor it adds a great focal point. The fabric on the sofa and tablecloth would be awesome for a summer dress, maybe with a yellow cummerbund.

A very blue room with some silver and white and a touch of orange. Okay children would love the mirrors, but this is not a child proof room, that coffee table alone is a recipe for very bad hurts and owies, although I love the coffee table and if I lived lone would love to have it. The blinds look aluminum and are very cool and would look great in a industrial style home. Love the print on the wall, how it picks up the blue and orange in the room. These colors being on the opposite side of the color wheel really compliment each other. And, once again the fabric on the sofa and chairs would make for the cutest dress, maybe a maxi and use those daisies for a hair wreath.

Hmmm....looks like 50s hasn't yet caught up with the 60s, except maybe with the rug. I do like this coffee table too and always love bright sunny windows, so the sheers for this window tratment really work for me. That small sofa might look better in a bedroom sitting area. I think for fashion a plain polka dotted fabric with only a few large flowers strategically placed on a shift dress would be cool, maybe as a border print.

What are your thoughts on these designs, anything stand out for you, a redesign somewhere? Just leave a comment, it is always wonderful to hear what others think, let's connect ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. The Gleaners sounds AMAZING. Where in South Oregon? I'm in Washington so it may actually be feasible for me to make a trip there some day.
    I love vintage fashion too..I've always wanted to be able to pull off wearing it. I think my pseudo-80's-punk/pin-up girl outfit that I wore today (pulled off from a thrift store) is the closest I get, but looking at these pictures was FABULOUS. I love this post!