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Friday, September 13, 2013

How to do Fagoting for a Vintage Look

I really love this fagoting technique, it gives the dress an alluring appeal and adds beautiful detailing. This method may take a steady hand when sewing down the wrapped bias strips. I haven't seen a Yarn Craft Guide, not sure if thay make them anymore. It was a tool sold by white sewing machines and used for making rugs, pot holders, tufted bedspreads, and fringe. I searched the web for this tool or something similiar and could not find anything practical. If you know of a similar tool or how to make one I am sure everyone would love to know, I know I would, thanks!

These techniques are from a 1950s sewing guide for White sewing machine attachments. The newer machines also come with attachments so it shouldn't be a problem adaping these techniques with your machine. To make your own bias strips you would sew the strips through the binder attachment. Get creative and sew away!

This pattern at Penelope Rose vintage would look great with the fagoting along the princess seams.

By adding fagoting to the sleeve or hemline on this dress would give it a very unique look also from Penelope Rose

Fagoting along the the top of the bodice and edge of the sleeves would and some addional charm pattern from Penelope Rose

Now if only I can find an easy to make tool to wrap the bias tape so it can be stitched down. I do know a person who has plastic making machinery, maybe it is time to re-invent this little tool. And,then again maybe with a seam guide and iron I can press the bias into just the right angle and shape ;)

Coming up next is more tucking...edgestitched tucking...


  1. OMGosh! I was just talking about this technique earlier today!...My friend has a sundress she purchased when she was in Puerto Rico and it has fagoting...she brought it to me; she had torn some of the stitching but I had to turn her down because I don't know how to do it...I was also reading about that technique in my sewing book...its very, very cool...I need to spend some time learning that one! Cool post! :)

  2. Thanks, love synchronicity. I just looked up fagoting in my vintage sewing books and they show it being done with hand stitching in different designs. I hope your friend gets her sundress repaired, sounds lovely.

  3. I have 2 of these vintage tools, with original instruction sheets -- would be willing to sell!

    1. I'm new to this site and don't know how to convey contact info -- thought I had signed up for StumbleUpon but not quite sure!

    2. If anyone is interested in purchasing these yarn-craft guides just leave a comment and I will get back to you with details, thanks ~ Victoria