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Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Touches for Your Dresses ~ Lace Insets

Here is another beautiful way to add vintage touches to your dresses or tops. These lovely lace insets are easy to add, just find a favorite lace, you can use lace appliques or lace fabric for these designs.

These techniques are from a 1950s sewing guide for White sewing machine attachments. The newer machines also come with attachments so it shouldn't be a problem adapting these techniques with your machine. Get creative and sew away!

This technique uses your zig-zag presser foot.

Tarlatan is a thin, stiffened, open-mesh cotton fabric.

Here are a few patterns where you could use this lace inset technique. The first is a Vogue 1950s dress that shows the lace insert in the yoke and on the hip.

Vintage 1950 Vogue 7044 bust 38" at Penelope Rose
This second one, Advance 5733, I think the lace inset would go nicely where the border print is positioned.
Vintage 1950s button front dress bust 32" Penelope Rose
And, the third is a 1980s simple pull over dress pattern from McCall's 8995. I think a lace inset on the bodice in a V design or with lace appliques would give this dress some additional style, although it is quite charming the way it is.

Vintage McCall's 8995 easy pullover dress uncut size 8 Penelope Rose

Find your pattern or even use a current garment and re-purpose it to give it some vintage charm!

Next Shirring for more vintage magic style touches, until then...


  1. I have never run across lace insets, nice to learn something new!

    1. Sewing is pretty darn fun, it could be one of those non-hobby gigs you posted about on your blog, you know, collect fabric ;)

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