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Monday, July 22, 2013

From Beautiful Vintage Dresses to Beautiful Stained Glass

These are the five most popular post from my Oso Victoria 

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Lace vintage, very sexy and very pretty, I believe this dress is in an Australian shop, it 

may have sold already. I received many comment on this dress and I can see why, just 


1950's lovely creme de mint from Timeless Vixen Vintage, looks like this one sold also ;)

Vintage Ivory & Black Flocked Chiffon Cocktail Dress from vintageous this one has also sold.

Mainbocher gown worn by the Duchess of Windsor from Hotel Haute Societe where see a 

photo of Wallis Simpson wearing this dress.

And, last but not least is this beautiful stained glass. Interiors by Studiom has photo of 

many more beautiful stained glass works. 

Looks like there is lots of love for those dresses from the 50s, I also get lots of comments 

about the size of those waists, but it seems that they are a favorite. The 1920s and 

Edwardian era vintage also seems to be a favorite, as well as the home decor, folks 

love those vintage kitchens and camp trailer, I know I do :) 

Hope your enjoyed these lovelies and be sure to check out my page for daily postings 

of vintage, home decor and runway fashions at Oso Victoria.

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