vintage patterns

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mid Century Home Decor

A cool 'Mad Men' style interior. I see a lot of color blocking in these mid century home decors. Here are a few awesome styles from Better Homes and Gardens March 1958 ads ...

This room is from a carpet article promoting the wonderful use of synthetic carpets and area rugs.

A kitchen remodel, where once a radiator heater and old cookstove stood is now a good-looking planning area. I love the corner shelves and there is plenty of room for your computer (for a retro kitchen.)  

The blue with the orange chair and even the black linoleum are slick (nice!)

This family room is from a western pine wood ad from the Western Pine Association. This room is designed by Ving Smith with Sugar Pine, White Fir and Douglas Fir.

Once again notice the color blocking in the cushions. Love the cosy sunken family room, fireplace and sunny windows.

Another ad for a bit of bright color, this address book is pretty handy, I use to use them all the time when I actually had a home phone, but with today's cell phones, all my contacts are at my finger tips. It would be sad if I ever lose my phone.

What are your favorite time period pieces and did you inherit any from family members?


  1. I go for an older time period but I have several pieces that are hand me downs. I have what I now know is an Art Deco metal bed. I was always just Mamaw's iron bed that I wanted. She gave it to me in the 90s. I have Hoosier Cupboard and a coal cook stove from the same era. I also have a pie safe my stepfather (a junk dealer ) and I drug out of an old dilapidated house in the 80s. The bed I sleep in is a Jenny Lind my husband's grandparents started out with. The chairs in my sewing room are chairs my grandparents started out with. I like old things, huh?

  2. Wow, it sounds like your home is beautiful, lots of antiques and wonderful treasure from family, love that!

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