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Friday, February 8, 2013

Kentucky Hallow Home of Jesse Stuart Life Magazine 1943

I was taken by these photos of Jesse Stuart's (1907-1984) home in W-Hallow, Greenup County, Kentucky, Southern Appalachia. The home, farm and land reminds me very much of this area of Southern Oregon where I live. Jesse Stuart was a novelist, poet and farmer. and writes about the hill people. His books include Taps for Private Tussie and book of poems Man with a Bull-Tongue Plow 1934.

Photo of his wife, Naomi Deane and 14 month old daughter, Jessica Jane.  Photo Loading straw into a haystack with his uncle Jesse Hilton.

Jesse Stuart writes in an unheated shack and is finishing here a long narrative poem he started 11 years ago.
Hope you enjoyed this journey into the past and I for one am glad we have computers to write on, but nothing wrong with hard work, does a body good!


  1. amazing how times have changed. these are beautiful photos!

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN

  2. There are probably a lot more houses around this farm house. I wonder if it is still standing. I love these old farmhouses.