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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time to Don on Your Hat

With the cooler weather coming, at least for us in the northern hemiphere, it is time to grab your favorite hat and cover your head.
                    Big hats for big hair dos!

lovely vintage by
A few smaller hats for a smaller hair style 
The bob

Wow, these hats you can actually make yourself

Modern hats for a modern girl, and fur for winter
Voltage 2010 at First Avenue, Minneapolis. Designs by Danielle Everine, hats by Angie's Hats Hats by Alex
 I personally don't look good in hats, sad but true, but I love hats and I love seeing women wearing their hats, there is a sexy alluring quility to women who wear hats. The beret is a very popular style with the modern girl. What's your style?

I did look okay in head scarves, that I wore a lot of in the 70s, the now so-called boho look.



  1. I love hats. I actually wear quite a few but they are odd. I wear ball cap style when I garden or paint. I have a floppy one I wear at the beach. I have a couple I crocheted I wear from time to time. My favorite is a flat brimmed black hat.

  2. While I love and frequently wear 1940s and 50s hats, I'm the first to admit that I have a secret longing for a huge, extravagantly decorated Victorian or Edwardian topper or two for my wardrobe as well. Perhaps the second hand gods will smile on me one day and I'll find one in my budget (and a period dress go with it!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I love those big Victorian hats also, they had inspired me to make myself one years ago from a wide brimmed straw hat that I covered in 30s cobalt blue velvet fabric, pleated, and blue satin lining. I would wear that hat quite often, but that was in the 70s. I didn't overly decorate it so it also fit in with the 60s/70s era.