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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vogue 1955 Fashion Designs

These are some of the designs that caught my eye in the Vogue's magazine Jan to July 1955 issues.

Lilli Ann for young and exciting women of all ages. Tissue silk frock, exclusive "love letters" print, designed in Paris...dramatic chiffon drape at  neckline and Austrian hand-cut rhinestone clip...with white cerise or emerald, or peach with emerald, sizes 8-18, March 15, 1955. 

Sophie's Twilight Silk  - The Envelope Flare, the lines seem to flow of their own free will - graceful, buoyant, smooth. Over skirted with flare, and scooped low with Sophie's shirred molding. Crisp peau de soie in pink, cornflower, beige or black. Misses' or women's sizes at $225

Evening Shadows by Will Steinman - designed by Ed Shore. Display of light and dark...the tracery of lace over rayon taffeta, the shoulders circled by a film of organdy. Black velvet streamers. In Dr. Strauss cotton lace. Black, navy or honey-tan over white. Sizes 8-16. $69.95

Another Lilli Ann, these spreads appear right after the cover of the Vogue Magazines. (Lilli Ann Designs for young and exciting women of all ages, tag line)...this divine bride's costume, cap-sleeved in empire silhouette, slim waisted, flare peplum jacket...fabric is silk and worsted "bamboo" woven in France for Lilly Ann...corsage is from, blue, or beige...about one hundred dollars at fine stores.

Lovely for a lovely figure (and wanted by same), Patou's new double-crossed décolletage (it's crossed high at the front); here, on a rather daring sheer black wool restaurant or night club dress. In America, at Wanamaker's, Phila. Diamond grooming: ear pendants; diamond pins skewering a chignon.

The caption of these next two reads as follows: On these two pages, which close Vogue's Paris collection report (more, next time), two late day dresses that sum up Dior's whole silhouette theory. This page: Dior's late-day black wool dress - newly waisted: the whole midsection, rippling and flexible, from bosom to hipbone, knotted just there to create the impression of a high waistline (a strong theme in his collection). Dress and crescent hat: here at Henri Bendel; Marshall Field; Frederick and Nelson. Dress, and the stole Dior shows it - of Emba Cerulean mutation mink: Holt Renfrew of Canada.

Facing page: Dior's black faille dinner costume. The "A" line, strongly accented in both dress and tunic coat. The coat-line starting with close set shoulders, slides smoothly past the waistline (it's there, but chiefly by implication) and then sweeps wide. The dress has the same lines - with the difference of a high square neckline and shoestring straps, and the widest skirt-sweep in Dior collection. Shown with an enormous black straw cartwheel.

A pale grey-beige woollen dress, ready for it's own furs when the coats come off - a crescent of matching wool banded with Norwegian blue fox. By Sylvan Rich for Martini; about $175, at Jay Thorpe; Hutzler's; and Bramson's.

This exclusive Fabric-of-France "Tissue de Triumph," the most elegant handwoven fabric, a brilliant blending silk, mohair and worsted, developed in France for Lilly Ann...for the full skirted coat...soft blue, pink, yellow, grey...about one hundred and twenty five dollars at fine stores, February 15, 1955.

This divine long-body suit in Fabric-of-France exclusive "bamboo" magnificent silk, mohair, worsted blend...sleeves are pleated for drama...buckles are Austria, studded with hand-cut brilliants...turquoise, coral, pale beige, mauve blue...about one hundred dollars at fine stores.

Seems I didn't capture all the details of this lovely dress by Seymour Jacobson.

I love all the details in these dresses. The second one has a very modern look to me with how the bodice plackets are sew over the shirring. I also love the wrapped waist of Dior's and the tucked waist of the woollen dress with the fur. The back detail on Patou's is stunning matched with the tight sheath and love the sleeve detail on the Lilly Ann next to the last photo.

Do you have a favorite and where would you wear it?


  1. Damn, you document some gorgeous dresses. I have a soft spot for the first one but it's not modern enough for me to wear. Maybe if I took i the skirt I could wear it to a fancy fundraising event? Or a Garden party I snuck into somehow? ;) I'd find an excuse to wear #5 down somewhere, very classic! That one's never going out of style.

  2. Thanks Van! I love the design on these dresses, but I can't see me wearing them today, I go for comfort. I think some of the design details would look great with some of today's modern fabric, like the top in #2 and the lovely #5. Anyway who has a tiny waist, I'm not in my 20s anymore, give me comfort, so glad they came out with t-shirts and tank tops, oh and flip-flops too : )

  3. I have one very similar to next to last one Lillie Ann pleats are on pockets and has pretty3l buttons covered in crystals.need to