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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Few of the Interests That Happened This Past Week

I'll start with the dress that seemed to take me forever to finish. Not because it took that long to make, but because I kept setting it aside and working on other projects. So, I focused an little here and a little there and changed the dress design just a bit. On the original draping of the fabric on the dress form I had a piece of fabric swinging across the front of the gathered bodice, that didn't work on the finished dress because of how the color of the fabric ended up. Below you can see the mustard color should fall just below the rust color...

Fabric on Dress From
On the finished dress the front panel would have fallen just above the rust on the waistband and there would have been to much of that color, so I just left it off.
So, this dress is technically finished and is ready to be worn out for a fun night.

Another fun project(s) I am going to be working on is turning this stack of fabric into summer dresses. The fabric was $1.00 a yard 100% cotton and yes needs ironing, I may start working with knits soon.

Most of these pieces are 3 yards, you never know how much you will need until you find the right design.
The cheetah print laying across the top of these fabric pieces is chiffon and I am thinking a slouchy blouse.
Also, went to an estate sale and picked up some goodies for my shops....

I love kitsch
So what I found, a 50s crochet apron, embroidered pillowcase, Laura Ashley scarf, 80s duck tie, 70s white plastic wall sconce (I got 10 of these in various shapes) and gold wall plaques too, aluminum ice bucket, Anchor Hocking juice pitcher, a pink nut chopper, 8 yards of white cotton fringe, plastic egg plate, 80s gold tone black enameled necklace, silk Vanette Creation peacock scarf, and these last two are not vintage, but very nice, a grey wool pleated skirt from Scotland and a black satin gown from Brittany Creations (David's Bridal)

The black satin gown
Oh, and I finished one necklace from the shell beads....

This one is not quite done, I wanted to add more depth somehow
Can't wait to see what interesting happenings are coming this week. Would love to hear what fun adventures you had this past week.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Valerie, now if one of my daughters, need a special dress for a special occasion I have one for them. I use to make all their school dance dresses and some for their friends. I may only have one or two left. Just think in another 20 years or so it will all be vintage.

  2. I always buy 5 yards of fabric no matter what. I love your summer dress fabrics. What design are you doing.

  3. Five yards is a great starting point and you are sure to have enough fabric for whatever design, I'm just afraid I will have to much fabric, because I buy, but don't always use.

    I pulled a bunch of patterns I am thinking of using for the fabric, I'll post pictures soon of the patterns, I may look for a few more so I'll have a lot of options.

    Happy first day of Spring, now if only the weather would get warm ;)

    Have you been to Macy's lately? They are having a great sale going on now, pick up a couple of cardigans in the young women's dept for $4.99

  4. I love that crochet apron! Adorable!

  5. Thanks Jess, I am amazed at the pristine condition, I almost wonder if they still make these crochet aprons and import them. I searched online and could only find crochet patterns for them.

  6. fab dress and even more fab finds! I am never so lucky x

  7. Wow just wow this dress is stunning! I wish I could sew I really really need to just buck up and try. Your creations inspire me Victoria!

    1. Thanks Krista, there are lots of 'easy to sew' patterns out there and it is amazing what you can do with some fabric and elastic.

  8. You are so very your work!!
    Always enjoying coming over here to see what you've been up to

    thanks also for visiting me and leaving your congratulation message

    Gail xx

  9. Great haul at the estate sale. You just motivated me to push away from the computer and go shopping. Love you brilliant and creative ideas and can't wait to see you in the dress. The one shoulder style is always so sexy on.

    Michelle ;)

    1. Thanks Michelle, it is so fun to go thrifting. I personally can't wear the dress myself, I really just made it for the fun of it and as a challenge or experiment in sewing. The style is way to young for me ;)

  10. Hi Victoria, I adore the stack of brightly colored cottons for summer dresses; I can't wait to see the finished products!

  11. Thanks Lynn, I'm photographing some collectibles now and will be working my way through some 60s vintage clothing. With the Mad Men series on again, those 60s styles should be hot. I have a few patterns picked out for design ideas for the fabric. Good things take time, so I keep telling myself, no guilt ;)