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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now the girls have taken up modeling or is it just play?

While my daughters were visiting they decided it would be fun to play dress up. So with a closet and several dress racks full of vintage clothes and a few wigs this is what they came up with.

Here is Crystal in a 1960s white chiffon go-go dress with silver beading on the yoke, by Miss Elliette California. She went with the long blonde wig. Her 6 year old daughter posed her and also did some styling for us, she is very good at it, for being a beginning stylist.
Ahh yes, Penelope, wearing a 1960s culotte outfit in a bright bold neon print, Alice of California. She is donning a short black curly wig with a pair of silver cateye glasses and head scarf (yes, I know two different eras, but, it is all good)
You go girl! Red lips and all.
Crystal in a 1970s psychedelic palazzo jump suit, custom made. She wanted to go blonde and curly, hmm...
This is my favorite outfit a 1940s rayon palazzo jump suit with a very wide hot pink sash, custom made. I may just have to keep this outfit for myself. This is also one of my favorite wigs, which I don't wear, I only use them on my mannikin, Millie.
And our stylist!

So, there you have it, some pretty cool vintage and a whole lot of fun!
 Who do you work with when you go about styling your outfits?

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