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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What do men want?

I came across these fashion advertisements in a 1969-70 American Fabrics magazine. What struck me was the boldness of the patterns for men's wear and I am seeing just a bit of that in current trends. The images also reminded me of my 19 year old son whom latched onto a 1980s hot pink jogging suit I picked up at an estate sale. He actually wore it around town for a while, he can be a character, but is not usually flamboyant.

Below: current fashion trends ~ From left: new menswear looks from Mugler, Louis Vuitton, and Rick Owens. Photo: Imaxtree

Below: MILAN, Italy -- In the most colorful, upbeat men's runway show since her Spring/Summer 2008 collection's garden party romp, Miuccia Prada managed to mine the American preppy canon alongside bold streetwear style patterns that included colorful puzzle-piece camouflage and dizzying geometrics on what appeared to be ballistic nylon outerwear and bags.

If men could wear what they like, would any man you know wear any of the above outfits? I do remember seeing men wearing very 'hippie' patterned bell-bottoms and colorful shirts in the late 60s. Does your man have a favorite from above or a favorite style?


  1. Really enjoyed reading this. And the photos are a hoot, then and now!!

  2. Thanks Laura, the 60s were a fun time in fashion, today is also such a great time to be able to mix so many different style together. Lovein' it!

  3. I so enjoyed this Post, I totally agree the 60s were a fun time all round!

    I wish you son a wonderful trip over here, I have not heard of WWOOF, I'll let you know if I find anything out

  4. I hate it that men feel so limited by their choices. I really wish the spirit of the 60s and 70s would return to men's fashion.

  5. I agree!
    according to his own friends, my "man" wears clothes most people would consider to be pajamas... !

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