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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend Trip to Crater Lake

Click on the title above for information about Crater Lake.
We had a great trip over to Crater Lake. It is about a two hour drive from home. The weather was beautiful, nice and warm, except up around the lake it was a bit chilly, the elevation is around 6,000 ft. and as you can see by the pictures there still was plenty of snow. 

   Wizard Island

Center View of Crater Lake. ***Blue Blue Blue Water***

View to the right of Crater Lake. If you could put the three top pictures together you would have a panoramic view.

Front of Crater Lake lodge. To the right is a 15 foot wall of snow.

Close up of front, they even had a doorman. The lodge opened the day before.

Large rock fireplace inside the lodge.

Bark lined staircase.

This little cafe in the town of Union Creek, between Shady Cove and Crater Lake. They have great pies.

Across the street from Becky's Cafe is Union Creek Resort Lodging and Gift Store.

A historical home along  Highway 66 called the Walter Wood House  constructed in 1879, just north of Eagle Point.

What house would be a home without one of these.


  1. When we were there last year at the end of August, we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw a couple of patches of snow still on the ground :-)

  2. Lake looks really amazing:):):)