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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hospice Unique Boutique

The vintage rack

A little western wear

Table setting, opps table has since sold!

Racks of women's clothes dresses, seperates, jackets......
A lovely Marti Gras mask

Our Art Gallery

Our very lovely store manager Rhea

Nicely draped dressing rooms

The reading library corner
A great selection of kitchen wear, teacups, glasses, rolling pins....

A wonderful pine kitchen hutch

The back room where all the intake sorting and pricing happens!

This is where I volunteer about 4 hours a week, just so I can get away from my studio and connect with others, and it is just a lot of fun too! If you have any questions about what we do you can contact me or use the link below:

The Hospice Unique Boutique
1618 Ashland St.
Ashland, Oregon 97520

What is Hospice? Hospice is an organization without borders! They provide end-of-life care and services that offer dignity to patients and family. They are often referred to as Angels who sit by the bedside during the end of life process and offer support to those leaving and to those left behind.

The HUB (Hospice Unique Boutique) is SOFA's business venture. We opened our doors, June 12, 2009. Our proceeds go to Hospice care in the Rogue Valley, and we celebrated our first year in June 2010 by granting monies to 5 different end-of-life care programs in the Valley.

What is SOFA - SOFA stands for Southern Oregon Fundraising Alliance. SOFA's mission is to create ongoing financial support to Hospice and end-of-life programs in the Rogue Valley.


  1. what an inviting space. and a great thing you do each week, not just for others but for yourself. i admire people who take time to get out of the routine and reconnect :) (also, i had to click through that kitchenware photo to see all the bits!)

  2. Lovely store. And yes, the Hospice workers are definitely angels!

  3. Insider's peek into Hospice Unique Boutique (HUB). Nice job Victoria. Love your items too!