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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Swinging the Bodice Dart

 A fashionable wardrobe can consist of many styles. A woman may be happy with a few styles that flatter her body and is comfortable to wear. But that does not limit the amount of detail that can go into those few very selective fashion pieces. A designer can be very creative when they 'swing the dart' to get the details that explores just the right curves on a woman.

The home sewer can achieve the same results once the technique is learned. Start with a basic bodice pattern, can be purchased with a basic dress pattern, mark the bust point, slash and spread or divide the dart to wherever the desired style detail is wanted.

Using slopers, available at fabric stores, helps give the pattern a smooth curve around the armhole and neckline.

This image is from my early days in flat pattern making. The side dart is swung closed and opened at the shoulder, using the bust point as the pivot point.

This is just a intro to swinging the dart, more design details to come.

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