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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Pattern Pieces

The bolero jacket pattern pieces are missing. I do have loose patterns pieces floating around, and will search for them. I have been hauling these patterns around for years being involved in several moves and studio set-ups. They use to be kept in those old cardboard pattern boxes that have seen better days. I am now storing them in several large plastic tubs. How should one store patterns? So, the sad tale is I can not make the bolero jacket unless I reproduce from the visual on the instructions and do I have the time? Maybe, it would be another fun thing to do.

I also use plastic sleeves for some of the more fragile patterns, the kind you can buy for comic books. Since writing this post I have sorted all my patterns by brand and number, and have put them in long plastic bins on wheels. The bins are long , but not to tall, about pattern height when the patterns are laid on their sides, I can get over a 100 patterns in each bin, the bins have snap on lids to keep the dust out. Updated 2/24/12.

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