vintage patterns

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Modes Royal Pattern #1077

This is my next project for reproduction of  a vintage bolero and slim skirt.  I'll be using the two fabrics above, both vintage, and vintage buttons if I find enough, the pattern requires 12 buttons. These, once finished will also be posted on my Etsy page at OsoVictoria. I will update with pictures once competed.

Reproduction vintage in kitschy/campy fabric

I made the camisole in a scully fabric, one camisole is in pink with girl skulls that have bows on their head and black heart eyes, the other cami is in black fabric that has tattoo style skulls, daggers, red roses and hearts. Both fabric are glittered lightly with silver. These items will be posted on my etsy web site.

The pattern is McCall's 1982. I'll be making this in a more 'softer' fabric similiar to the images in the pattern.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Love Vintage Love Fashion

I love the the look of vintage from the 40's and 50's. I hope soon, time permitting to recreate that look with a twist. Currently I am working on two camisole tops from a pattern from the 70"s. The fabrics are skulls, one in pink with pink bows on her skull, the other black with daggers, red roses, skulls, a tattoo print.

This is totally out of what I intended, but when a person see a fabric and has 'gotta have it' well, this is what happens.