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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Vintage Vogue

This six page spread from Feb 1965 Vogue is an article about make-up called Beauty Bulletin, Make-up report to Americans...a tour through the beauty ideas catching the country by surprise... 

I love the make-up, but it was the top and necklace that caught my eye.

I would have loved to have worn this sparkly halter top out dancing back in the day. 

Her bracelet is pretty cool too! Bracelet by Brania available at Lord & Taylor

I love the concept of this necklace, but would tone it down by not using such large flowers. But it make for a nice editorial photo.

A choker necklace with some large pink and white pearls with white drops would look doable. Dahlia necklace by Jack Gilbert at Lord & Tayor and I. Magnin

Would you wear the above halter? Do you design jewelry? Leave a comment would love to hear what you think, thanks!


  1. Um I love that you would have rocked that super blingy slinky sexy top!!!!! I love it but well I love it! The choker is something I would wear and I could see that coming right back in. I do make jewelry that looks like candy it makes me happy and keeps me out of trouble!

  2. You can throw that blinky top over some your awesome pink outfits, what did I see you wearing orange? Loved that polka dot dress and the patchwork maxi skirt. Wouldn't the bracelets look cool with some hello kitty or skulls dangling at the end? Also, got to say I love your headbands!

  3. I LOVE all of this vintage goodness!!!!! It inspires me!!
    Sooo... I am giving YOU the Inspirational Blog Award!!

    1. Thank you Stacy, you are very kind to be thinking of my blog for this award. I can definitely see why your blog received this award, you have so much interesting things going on in your life with your sewing and home schooling, wish you were my teacher, that would have been awesome!