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Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage Vogue Fashion 1965

Here are a few fashion picks I liked the best from Vogue's February 1965 23 page spread called  'A Selective Eye on the Best of Everything in American Fashion'

The article states, ... Everyone's opportunity: not simply to be well-dressed - in this land of fashion-plenty, that could be accomplished blindfold with a checkbook - but every woman's chance to search the richness and variety of American fashion with a truly selective eye, and find her own uniquely personal image.

The transference: pompon lace cage
Cagey black point d'esprit, reembroidered in chiffon ribbon pompons: the flirt of the season, flinging coquetry at every turn of the black crepe shimmy beneath. By Townley in Whelan lace of Du Pont nylon over silk crepe

Tiers - and the clear charm of white crepe
Tiered white silk, one of the prettiest dresses in years - a slender cascade of deliciously scalloped flounces. Immaculate, enchanting. By John Moore

New evening life for the sailor suit - deeply bared
Sailor suit of the moment - a sexy little romp in crinkly acid-green wool, bared to the midriff. The overblouse pours to the hips above bell-bottom trousers, ties in a loose sailor's knot. By Jacques Tiffeau, $250

Peacock blue bared two ways
One shoulder slashed, one leg bared - a deliciously seductive evening dress in crinkly peacock-blue wool with a close little Empire bodice, softly gathered skirt, By Jacques Tiffeau, $250

I think my favorite is that little pompon number, what about you, would wear any of these? Let me know in the comment, would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

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