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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easy Summer Dress Patterns

As I get into the swing of sewing summer dresses I wanted to show some of the patterns I may be using. These patterns are not exclusive to what I may use, since I have over several hundred patterns, but more along the lines of the simple style I am going for with the fabric I had shown earlier, see again below, or original post.

This McCall's 5997 pattern is from1992 and I love the princess line, flared skirt and knee-length, which would flatter my body. Since some of the fabric is a border print, I may play around with bringing the border down one side or mixing the smaller print with the larger. Should be fun.

Left: McCall's 9791 from 1969 is a front or back wrap dress and would also be fun to mix the large and small prints. I like how view A ties, but would also want it knee-length.

Right: Vogue 7684 no date, but 70s/80s is a very comfy tent or trapeze dress, that neckline slit looks low, I may do a few button and lower the round collar a bit.

 Left:  New Look, Simplicity 6244 from 2003. Another easy and simple summer dress. I like the little tie at the bust. This dress can have a multitude of design possibilities with the fabric. I think it would look better in the silk type fabrics than the cotton I have, but I do like the style.

Right: Simplicity 5561 from 1973. Another princess line in a halter top style, this pattern is to small for me, but they always made patterns larger and allowed for 2" ease sometimes. If I made it I would need to adjust the size a bit. I think it is a really cute dress and great for summer.

 The cheetah chiffon print fabric below I thought would look good in the black version of this McCall's 9368 blouse pattern from1984. I like the boat neckline and dolman sleeves. I would rather have elastic on the cuff with perhaps a bit of a small ruffle. I don't wear animal prints, but I do like them, so why not give it a try. Since the fabric is sheer I would wear it over a black tank top.


So, here are my next few sewing project. So what do you think, any suggestions, or favorites?

And, while I'm at it I want to show off a couple of earrings I made this week.

I found these Czech glass beads at my local bead shop, some folks came in and were having a trunk show. The beads remind me of fire in a bottle. The cabochons are a dark garnet, the drops are ruby glass cullets.  I sort have got into a goth mood and added the red drops. I started out Victorian and moved into Dark Shadows.
Simple black beads. I picked up the onyx cabochon for the red fire Czech beads, but used the garnets instead, so since I had lots of black beads, these seemed to work really well, I love black jewelry.

 Thanks for taking a peek and hoping to post some finished dresses and other fun projects soon.



  1. OMG! Where did you find your patterns at?

  2. I love these ear rings you made but the black and red are my favorite! I can't wait to see more dresses that you have made. Now if it could warm up just a tad bit more :) Hey do you ever go to the Oregon Country Fair? I think this year will be my first time :)

  3. I increased the size of each photo and had a look. It made me realize how I miss sewing my own clothes. I may have to give it a try again soon :-)

  4. Black is so timeless. I wear my black glass earrings more than any other pair. Yay for summer dresses!

  5. Looks like you have some really great projects planned for summer! I really love that first Mccalls one (5997). Have fun :) Be sure to show us the end result, hehe.

    How have you been doing? I hope everything's good!


  6. Great Pattern finds. Looks like you're going to have a great summer wardrobe.

  7. Awesome pattern finds!! I like collecting patterns maybe one day I will actually use them. Great blog lots of cool stuff.

    Stopping by from Artfire

  8. Thanks Nana G and Stacey, and thank for stopping by from Artfire.

  9. Victoria, I tried to follow you, but the site says they couldn't furnish my request and to try later. So I will. Just wanted to let you know I was here!

    1. Thanks Lise, sometimes things go wonky with the internet links.

    2. Where do you find the time! When I get lazy. I need to go see what you're doing! Lots of fun stuff! Thanks for visiting my blog! ~Karen

    3. Reply to Karen, I do a little here and a little there. Although, some thing get pushed to the back burner for months at a time, if not longer. So, I feel productive if I just plod along a little at a time. Sometimes I feel I have all the time in the world and at other times I feel there just isn't enough hours in a day. And, thanks for the kind words!

  10. Thanks for visiting with Me today Victoria!:) Take care, and have a wonderful day!:)


  11. Found you on Find A Friend over at Sew Many Ways. Love jewelry and vintage. You should have some tutorials. Your things are lovely.