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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finished Projects in Jewelry Design

I have completed a few jewelry designs this last month (May). It will be interesting, at least for me, to see what I accomplish in the jewelry making department for June. I have several styles in mind. I love working out patterns and designs, although that is probably the most time consuming, but once I have an idea worked out then connecting the pieces goes a bit more quickly. But, I must say making links with the beads does take a bit of time too.

This was the finished shell necklace. I had felt it needed something more for added dimension from it's beginnings below.

The necklace beginnings.
I bought these acrylic flower and leaf beads, from Crafter's Warehouse, as many as you can stuff into a small container for $3.99, and I stuffed them all. The issue I had with these was how to attach them in the layout I wanted, HOT GLUE! Other glues seemed to melt the acrylic and not hold. If in doubt, duck tape or hot glue is the trick ; ) Okay maybe not duck tape for jewelry, but for everything else.

What are these type of necklaces called, bib necklaces?

I also glued this daisy necklace. These buttons were $1.97 from Walmart. As I was planning out this design I cut the back of the button shanks off before I realized that I could use them to drape some beaded stems. So, I went a bought another set to finished the necklace the way I think it would look best.

First beaded necklace with button shanks removed.
This was the original layout, I had already removed the shanks but wanted a picture of what it may look like with the little stems. I went ahead and finished the necklace with out the shanks as you can see from above.
 Then, just recently I picked up these aqua blue plastic ovals for $.50 at JoAnn Fabrics and just felt the desire to make a long chain necklace. When motivation hits, it is best to just go for it, Nike said it first I know, Actually they said 'Just do it' I like go for it, maybe a cultural thing of the west. And, I liked the coral and amber colors with the aqua, so southwestern. I do have a few strands of real turquoise I'll be playing with fairly soon, although for some reason I am enjoying the plastics.

I had this design all laid out, and was working on the longer strand when I picked the whole project up and forgot how I was originally making the shorter strand, this finished piece is close to what the original would have looked like. And, creating all these links did take a bit of time.
These beads and buttons are for some future projects. When I was picking up more of the daisy buttons I saw these adorable planes, trains and automobile buttons and just knew they would make something cute, even for jewelry. I do love whimsy, kitsch and cute. The amber blown glass beads will be more Victorian or steam punk and the glass aqua beads and purple wire will be my first attempt at wire wrapping.
So share you beading creations, just post a link and I can link it to my Facebook page for the whole world so see, yeah go for it!


  1. Really lovely, the daisy one is my favourite.

  2. I love love love the daisy chain :) Button for necklaces hmmm, now I have an idea. Thanks!