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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fashion Dresses, Lingerie and Shoes from the 1908 Sears Catalog

Here are some of the lovely day dresses you could have bought from the Sears catalog back in 1908.

These nice separates are just in, so a blouse is called a waist? Pretty sure even when I was willowy thin my waist was never this tiny, ouch! But, the designs are just so lovely.

The waist on these pretty ones go from 22 - 28" And, they are sorry they cannot furnish larger sizes in these styles, oh my what is a girl to do?

A little something to wear under those lovely dresses...
So who is going to be handling these breast that they need not be detected by touch. But, yeah, they produce a perfectly full bust and slender waist decreed by the latest fashion. Okay they have gone a little to far when they state "...or be flat chested, all of which are unnatural..." 

The lingerie is still sexy...

Even though these are muslin, they are so feminine and I would wear these today, and the shoes below too. 
I actually have a modern pair similar to these designs, but I gave them to my daughter because I really don't like to wear shoes, I would wear flip flops all year if it didn't snow here.

I really do love fashion and vintage, and I use to wear vintage, more so when I was younger. These days you'll find me in comfort clothes, skirts, jeans, and t-shirts and sandals or flip-flops with just a splash of trendy fashion.

And you?


  1. Hi Victoria! It's Bluetina here. I found your blog. Very interesting! That bust form is something else!

    1. Hi Tina, I agree, I thought it was pretty interesting, I think I'll stick to push-ups, lol.