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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Hats Galore 1908 Sears Catalog

I love these big hats and even worked up a little scaled down inexpensive version. 

As you can see none of these hats have veils, that came later in the century, What they do have are lots of flowers and ribbon. Pleated ribbon was very popular.

Most of these are straw hats decorated with silk, chiffon, or taffeta flowers and ribbon, a bit of berries and feathers are also used on these very ornate hats. 

Oh, I do wish I could see them in color!

Notice the model rendition drawings have large eyes, straight nose, and a little heart shaped mouth in a rounded face. I would call it a 'doe' face, sweet and demur.

Here is my rendition, I can see I have a ways to go with the ribbon and trim. I used an old white straw hat, covered it in blue tulle, added a wide yellow ribbon and some silk pansy flowers to both sides. What do you think?

I also want to share this link Etsy put up recently on their blog. A short video showing Behida Dolić, a wonderful cloche hat maker. Inside the Milliner’s Studio Stunning work.


  1. What a fun hat! I love the old Sears catalog hats... that what have been so neat to wear hats like those!

  2. These are fabulous and yes their little faces make them look very demure and butter would not melt in their mouths. Wonderful hats and your hat is totally gorgeous. I have a few editions of La Mode Illustree dated 1886 and I did a blog post sometime back but for the life of me can't remember if it was hats. Might just have to dig them out again and see what I can find. Lovely post.

  3. Your rendition is thoroughly gorgeous, what amazing work! I love Edwardian hats, too, they were such terrific works of art. I look at hats like the selection above and truly find myself wondering why on earth (most) women stopped wearing hats as part of their daily ensemble. Why did we (as a collective whole) turn our backs such a stunning accessory? Thank goodness there are still ladies like us who treasure, and love wearing beautiful hats.

    ♥ Jessica