vintage patterns

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Swinging the Darts II

I have gathered more information on swinging those darts and slashing and spreading. But now I need to take the cesear salad to my son's birthday party! I'll be back to explain more on this process, not how to have a party but moving bodice darts around.

Picture to the right shows how once the darts are swung (top image to the neckline, bottom image to bust point) the pattern is slashed then spread for the gathers. Need to find the picture of what this looks like when sew together.


  1. hey there- Love those vintage patterns- i have bunch, just becuase i thought they were cute- I dont use patterns at all. but love those styles, love those dresses.. great Blog- a new follower, ill be back- Do you sell those dresses- if so i might have to buy one..

  2. Your blog is wonderful
    How clever you are!
    I love the vintage patterns, I used to sew when I was younger and loved it, sort of got out of it now, don't think I have the patience to even thread a needle!

    I'll look forward to seeing what else you've been up to

    Gail ~~