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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Studio Work Space Transition

The top picture is the closet where all the vintage purses, shoes and clothes are kept. The ones listed are cleaned, pressed and hanging up, all the others are still in all those boxes. Somewhere in there is a 1950's 60's Catalina bathing suit.

The bottom picture  is where my son's bed is going out and my cutting table is going in and shelves across the wall. I think I'll leave the walls the blue and green for now, my daughter and son picked the paint colors and painted this room when we built the house. Also, on the shelves are some of the collectables yet to list.

When others show their workspace I am so envious of how beautiful they are, mine will probably always be in a state of zanny, busy, movement. I like to work on several projects at a time, uh-oh, I think I need more space.

Believe me this is a step up from my dining room table!

On my flickr page you can find esty's open studio, photos of other esty sellers and their studios at Enjoy!

As a side note, still can't find my finished samples of those drafted pattern pieces, they will show up as I continue to organize, I'll do the happy dance!

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