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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vintage Vogue 1951 Magazine Fashion Photos

I love capturing these beautiful vintage magazine photos. The lovely dresses and coats below are all from Vogue January 1951 magazine, enjoy and share these photos.

Color Treasure...the costume in Courtaulds' Coloray rayon fashioned by "Mr. T" with elegant airs and graces. The soft spring colors are not only rich but permanent...never fading despite cleanings and wearings. Because all the color comes from Courtaulds' Coloray, the fiber that's infused with color, not just coated with it! "Mr. T" of HOLIDAY FROCKS creates a striped sheath and companion coat. Sizes 10 to 18. About$50 at Bloomingdale's.

I do love this soft blue grey steel color and the neckline on the coat.

This spring's new demi-brown colours, demi-jacket suits. Stictly American products by American designers who like the idea of open jackets. These clear the way for outgoing blouses - visible even when suit buttons are worked open. Traina-Norell, one of the simplest sensations, a bright-brown suit with a slim skirt in a deep-ruled corduroy, silk crepe blouse at Lord & Taylor.

This one is yummy, love brown and love how the corduroy works on this suit.

A whisper of color...the weight of a breath...costumes, this spring's great lady. ADELE SIMPSON creates her suit coolly in beige MERINGUE TWEED - an airy all-climate mixture of wool and silk by FORSTMANN. In other light shades, too - so new frosted with white. Go fabrics by FORSTMANN.

Love how the button are placed on the jacket and skirt, also like the wide waistband and front skirt panel, sweet!
More photos to come from Vogue 1951 and contiuned vintage sewing tips using White's 1950s sewing guide. You can use Google Friends Connect to follow this blog to enjoy and share, thanks!


  1. LOVELY!!!!!...vintage just has a certain appeal that remains pretty no matter what time the world clock says.....and this is one cool blog! :)

    1. Thank you! I think these particular outfits can be worn today and look modern with maybe just a tweak of the hemline.

  2. Yes! The secret is that the looks are timeless and not trendy. They're classic and not too out-there or bold. These fashions will stand the test of time! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree! Coco Channel did some timeless designs also. I love the chic, classic look.