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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vintage Litho Prints from 1913 and 1914 Fashion

I collected these Litho prints back in the 70s when I was studying fashion design. What I found interesting in these, beside that they were vintage was the odd shape shapes and designs of some of the dress, especially the yellow one and the blue-green one with the floral over skirt.

Love this print of this 1913 swimsuit, I would certainly wear this swimsuit. Translation "Bathing suit"

This vintage 1914 sailor outfit is so adorable, the jacket and hat are just too cute. "Yacht suit: jacket cloth linen skirt, leather hat"

A very sweet 1914 dress, cute boots, hat and jacket, I'll take them all and the umbrella too! "Dress facings" not sure what that means exactly.

This is one of my favorites. The skirt looks like a deep purple velvet. I would wear this 1913 outfit too! "Dress for the afternoon"

This dress confused me with that wide peplum like thing, although the over all look is rather pretty. I really like the lacing up the sleeves and the hat is perfect. "Petite Taffeta for lazy afternoon"

I love the draping and sleeves on this dress, the collar not so much, but  that sheer skirt is lovely. This was actually another one that confused me on the look with that top skirt part, but still a very nice style. "Taffeta and Chiffon painted silk"

Any favorites here? What do you think of these designs? Do you think any of these are over the top?  Let me know in the comments, that helps me when I am working on my own designs and how far I can push the envelope, thanks.

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