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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vogue Fashion 1965

There was a little bit of everything in this April edition of Vogue 1965. I start with this image featuring Italian designers. what caught my eye in this shot was the fabric of this dress. I have some muslin fabric that has different size eyelets, kind of reminded me of Swiss cheese, not this dress, but my muslin fabric. I was always at a loss as to what to make with it, haha, still am. I find this dress interesting but really not me, although I do like the fabric.

Black and white eyelet curves back into Watteau's century - clasped with black roses over over rose-tosses white. by Forquet, in Abraham linen.

This spread is called Vogues's Eye View: The Body Bulletin

...The line of soft fabric flowing against a clean, taut line of body is the line of today...the strength of the body showing through transparent clothes is the strength of fashion. For this moment...for this era. The era's seductive herald.

Black lace stretched over a look of naked strength, swirled in chiffon - Heim diablerie on a skin of Warner's Body Stocking.
(I can see wearing the above with a tunic or mini dress and boots, I do believe that is the current style)

This dress comes from the photo shoot called Romantic Evenings in the American Custom by American designers

The mistiest elusive blue, a vaporous dress of chiffon, and the luminous bolero of beads that covers a softly wrapped strapless top. by Sophie.

This 12 page spread is called The Brisk Sweet Look of Linen which included this evening dress.
An evening dress of forget-me-not blue linen with a beautiful bare little top embroidered in a lacy design of white beads. The skirt: gathered, long,rippling. by Malcolm Starr $160

And then there is this one, a bit different than the rest in an article called Beauty Bulletin, how beauty travels...and what it takes ...word from the beauties who go, go, go

Slit sungoggles - one of the greatest looks we've seen since we discovered the Arctic and interviewed the smartest Eskimos cutting any ice there. Sea &Ski invented them and here they mingle with a chiffon-hooded coat created for Elizabeth Arden by Oscar de la Renta
I remember these, they were to hard to see out through.

I did want to save the best for last, Bardot - Bardot an article by Marguerite Duras
In Mexico, Brigitte Bardot filming Viva Maria

There was a lot of fashion, articles, and ads in this edition of Vogue, I hope you enjoyed the little snippets. Be sure to follow my blog by email for much more to come, thanks!


  1. such amazing images! i especially love that first eyelet dress, such a beautiful shape! lovely :)

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  2. It is interesting that the shorter versions of the high-low dresses are very popular now. Fashion in a sense does repeat itself.