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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Earmuffs of 1943 from Life Magazine

I love the earmuffs they have in the stores today; frogs, logos, puppies, bunny ears, so many novelties and all very charming. The following earmuffs are from a fashion spread in Life magazine Dec. 6th 1943...

Model Selene Mahri from Sweden, she won the title of 'Miss New York' in the Miss America contest.
Ear muffs can now be worn to the opera if made of fur, like ermine, here is a coat to match, earmuffs, custom made $25
Here is the entire article on earmuff fashion, I found it to be a good and eye opener read, regarding fashion in the 40s...

Five  years ago (November 1938) LIFE reported that the utilitarian ear muff was stepping up in the world. From a $.10 item worn by postmen, policemen, and farmers, it jumped to a $1 novelty for skiers, college girls, models. This year the ear muff has reached the top rung of the fashion ladder. Made of ermine (see cover and above), ostrich feathers, beaded and embroidered fabrics, the ear muff is now a startling but accepted fashion for dress-up occasions. Made of wool, felt or fur, it takes the place of hats for street wear. 

Glorified ear muffs, in a way are a logical development of the hatless vogue. On balmy days a woman who chooses not to wear a hat runs only the risk of appearing not completely dresses. In zero weather she may have her ears frostbitten.

Although men's ears are as susceptible as women's to frostbite, no attempt has as yet been made to promote any kind off ear muffs as city fashion for men.

Top: Velvet ribbon earmuffs  Bottom: Ostrich feathers
Wool rosettes

Leopard to match coat. Small spotted leopard skins from Africa are now practically unobtainable but rabbit, stenciled like leopard, is a fair imitation.

So you wear earmuffs as a fashion statement? 

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