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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vintage Coats, Suits, and Plaids, through the 40s, 50s and 60s

Another trip to the University library found me taking pictures of vintage coats. Except I also came across some wonderful suits and some very attractive plaids, enjoy! 

All the following photos are from the August issues of Mademoiselle starting with the 1940s...

Vel-Paca Exclusive 100% virgin wool. Soft as a Cloud...Rugged as a Rock
A "Head-in-the-clouds" answer to "your-feet-on-the-ground" quest for quality...on of these flawlessly tailored casual coats of Vel-Paca, a beautifully soft yet rugged blend of wool, alpaca, and mohair. Lined with Duchess acetate rayon Crepe for the miss and junior miss. Raccoon collar. About $50  (Center): Box coat, slot-seam front and back. About $25 (Right): Detachable natural wolf. About $50

A new generation goes overboard for the sailor suit! A new generation see the man in uniform as the man of the hour! Right off the back of the debonair gob comes the latest in campus fashion - an honest-to -goodness, "strictly regulation", middy blouse, made by "Man O' War" the fine old Baltimore house who made them for your mother, too. Steeped in Annapolis tradition your  Man O' War middy blouse and it's companion skirt have a precision of tailoring, an attention to nautical detail, a genuine distinction, that will make you love them and cherish them just like your mother did. The bright red is our pet, but you may have navy, too. Mix your skirt and blouse if you prefer. All wool flannel. Blouse, white tape trimmed, laced at side for neat and narrow waist $5.95

Opps, battery in camera died before I could get the description. Right -  $13, Left $11 

The first and finest of dyed lamb. The coats that casual or dressy as the occasion  demands....luxurious to touch, to look worthy.....lightweight and warm. Four flared back.... deeply cuffed sleeves.....a design achievement in Laskin Mouton. 

Moving into fashionable dresses, suits and accessories from the 50s....

A dress that fits divinely. Pure virgin wool with cuff-caught sleeves and tilted pockets. In six marvelous colors : mink, purple, green, copper, royal, red size 9-17 $17.95 I love gathers at the bust line on this dress that off set the slanted pockets with buttons.
Milliken Dress Crepe...50% wool 50% worsted...100% popular when the engagement book says "Let's Dress Up."  This dress and jacket costume has been created in Millikan Crepe by Tailored Junior you take you smartly through many a winter engagement. 

Fall's first dress is rayon, of course...fluid, drapable, color-bright rayon in a myriad assortment of textures and weaves. Right now see your favorite store's fall showing exciting fashions born of fine rayon many fall-important fabrics - rayon crepes, rayon velvet, rayon sheers, rayon suiting, rayon gabardines, rayon flannels...and so many, many  others that are beautiful...on you!   

Suits that speak your language! Miron worsted check around $60.

She has a very 30s look for a 50s dress, must be retro. "Junior of Distinction"...the unmistakable look of Fall 1950. A line plaid, Doris Dodson's exclusive featherlight wool in a slim,  one-piece dress with  overskirt effect. Egyptian sky with brown, red with navy.  Sizes 9-15 About $25.

Love this plaid set! Comes in clear red, smooth green, warm toast, black and white. Gift boxed set of gloves with bag -  $11.00; or gloves with scarf -  $6;  scarf alone - $3.
60s suits, ponchos and plaids...

Have I seen capes on the runway lately?
Kay McDowell says this Fall linings are to delicious to hide . Newsy coats are lined in furs,  fake furs, plushy piles...each of them giving you an excuse to let your coat fly. The splendid new storm coat above is wool covert cloth, lined - hood and all - in Ariclan* acrylic pile, cotton backed. (This is a soft fluffy fabric, nice to rub shoulders with.) Note: hoods are not only warm, but flattering. All that bulk has a way of making the face look small and fragile. Coat in loden green with gold pile lining or natural with loden green pile lining. Junior sizes 5 to 15, misses sizes 6-16 about $39.95.

Bright coat, black dress - a brilliant merger .  The large-collared coat  in strawberry pink wool tweed is gently fitted to the waist, tied in passing and arched from there. $100
Right off of Sherlock Homes back -  but in colors never dreamed of by Watson. Cape-sleeves (nice for sheltering books, et ecters) raincoats of Zelan-treated cotton poplin, all in a row, $17.95.
"Now this one could start a fad" Fad-starter, Nancy Nycum, '63, in a fire red fireman's shirt with a buttoned bib. Fancy legwork: culottes in black, red and white plaid, their pleats stitched down smoothly as far as the hips. Nylon and wool shirt. Orlon and wool culottes (Millikan fabrics) both by Tony Owen. Shirt, $15.95, Culottes $25.

I do like the detailing from the 40s and 50s, and the simplicity of the 60s. Do you have a favorite era or style in this bunch? Coming up detailed sweaters from the 40s and 50s.

Vintage Coats, suits, and Plaids, through the 40s, 50s and 60s

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