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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vintage Patterns - One for her and one for him

I just about have my studio set up again, I moved in with my husband and am letting my daughter live in my house, long story. Sooo, other than hate moving, I now have more room for my studio/shop where I sell vintage patterns, clothing, collectibles and jewelry. And, also where I sew, bead, knit, crochet, write and create.

Newly listed are these two 1954 vintage patterns, a robe for the Mr. Although, the Misses may do the sewing, maybe just in time for Christmas.

Oh yes, pipe and slippers, how domesticated

And for the ladies a sweet nautical themed blouse, tucks and side zipper or also called a Middy. If you treasure nautical theme scarfs this pattern would look great to show them off. Only issue is that it is a vintage size 14, meaning for a 32" bust and 26 1/2" waist, not sure how much ease these patterns allow during this time period.

I would work this blouse in a solid seersucker fabric, I know there is some great print fabric out there that would adapt to this style too!
So what do you think, do you sew for your man, are you into nautical sailor theme clothing?


  1. Perhaps it's because I was born a stone's throw away from the Pacific ocean, or that I've often lived in areas with tons of lakes, or because of how well it works with my vintage look, but whatever the case, I've always adored nautical inspired pieces, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I know what you mean, how the look somehow just draws you in. I have seen a lot of vintage and current runway clothing with stripes that have the cool appearance of nautical. Living now in the mountains I see lots of organic knits in warm forest colors and Uggs. I think the Hunger Games are also having their influence on fashion.

  2. These vintage patterns are great! Fun to look back on fashion from a different era. Wonder how many women made those robes for their husbands :)