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Monday, January 9, 2012

Daughter Decided to Sew

My daughter is visiting for a while and has decided to start sewing. She has made a few things in the past, so it is actually pretty exciting for me to be a part of her newly re-found adventure in sewing. She went through one box of my patterns and picked out a few. Then went through my bunches of fabric, and I helped once I knew what she favored. So, we pulled out several pieces and she came up with a design for the pattern she chose.

The pattern is McCalls 9715 from 1969 and the fabric I have had since the 70s. 
I made this same dress when I was 16. I made it from some blue cotton fabric and the sleeves from a white bed sheet (you know you use what you have) I left the sleeves open so they were very fairy like, flower child I was : ) The blue chiffon I had used to make harem pants for a belly dancing costume, also back in the 70s when I was going to school for fashion design I took a belly dancing class, makes sense right?
When my daughter Penelope (my pattern shop is named after her) is done maybe she'll let me get a picture of her modeling the finished garment. She is also the live model in my Etsy shop.

Any interesting project your working on or maybe a family member. And how does that work, working together, learning anything new?


  1. I wish my Mom and I lived closer she is totally crafty and I could see us sewing together and making jewelry. This rocks!

  2. I love that pattern and I especially love that year because I was born that year. I wih my 16 year old daughter showed some interest in sewing. Have fun together!

  3. that's awesome. i started sewing with my mom's old patterns. they are still so chic!

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  4. That is so cute now... it will fit perfectly into 2012!