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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I'm Working On

I've been working on some vintage patterns lately, my creative side working. I was given a box of stuff and in it was a cut out vintage dress waiting to be stitched. I thought that would be a good place to start a sewing project since it has been awhile since I actually made something. The pattern was a 1940s sun dress and the fabric was a lovely white cotton seersucker with green and white leaf print.

This is the 1940s sun dress I finished. An Ann Adams pattern 3438.
I used snaps at the side, the pattern mentioned you could use a slider (zipper). I also had some vintage buttons on hand.
The dress comes with a detachable collar that I also made reversible. The original seamstress had cut out the collar in the same fabric so I lined it with a white print fabric I had and added the eyelet trim as shown in the pattern.
Now, with that finished, I'm working on a 1951 McCall's blouse pattern using new fabric from Wal-Mart (I love the prints there and for the price it is better than working a pattern with just muslin, I will actually have a finished garment to wear.) The fabric is an open-weave apricot with white cotton shapes. I had to enlarge the pattern, it was a vintage size 12, bust 30", to a modern size 12, bust 36". So we'll see how well my skills are and how much I remember from my year in fashion design school. Oh, and the sleeve pieces were missing from the pattern, but I found a nice sleeve pattern I liked from a 1950s dress pattern. 
McCall's 8648
McCall's 8137, using the 3/4 length sleeve.

The fabric

I have the blouse cut out, but I think I will add some fabric to the back neckline and shoulder area to allow the gathered bust line to drop down a bit, it seems to ride to high across my bust. I like the way this fabric gathers and drapes and the retro look of the fabric.

This is the back of the pattern piece laid out and re-sized. Will post photo when finished.

What is your latest or most favorite sewing project, now, or in the past or in the dreamy future?


  1. I admire that you use those patterns and sew so well! I have to start small, I haven't sewn in so long I've basically lost the skill. This year I'll start with simple curtains...;)

  2. Hi Victoria, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I can't believe you live in Ashland. I live in Grants Pass. We should meet-up sometime. Neat projects you are working on. Love the dress. It'll be exciting to see the blouse when you're finished.

  3. Hi Victoria, i sent you an email with my phone number. It'd be fun to meet-up. Happy New Year, Danielle.

  4. This is lovely, my must do project this year is going to be my first dress. It is a year since I taught myself to sew from scratch and I think I have enough skills to pull it off now! :)


  5. Lovely dress! The collar really transforms it! I love the bodice on the shirt as well, now following you.

  6. Hmm... I haven't done any sewing projects in quite a while, but I"m thinking of picking it up again! I love these vintage ones... really like the 3/4 sleeve! I hope you have a happy new year, dear!

    Love & Cake,

  7. Thank for all the lovely comments! Sewing is such a relief for my creative side. I make jewelry also, just another fun time activity.

  8. I love that detachable collar. I've never seen anything quite like it.

  9. Omg I love that dress! I am going to check out your pattern shop. Its been awhile that I haven't sewn vintage patterns.