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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Descriptions Alway Facsinate Me

Sometimes I struggle to come up with a marketers description for the vintage I sell. Just what are you getting for your money, beside the obvious, clothes and styles you love. Shopping is often personal. Do you notice how perhaps you change your purchases and shopping style depending on whom is with you when you are shopping? And online shopping is a total different experience than hands on shopping. And believe it or not some people hate shopping, yes it is true. I do admire those who can go into a store pick up what they want and then out in 10 minutes. For me I look at shopping as I would going to any museum or art gallery. I love to look, admire, and the benefit of going to a brick and mortar store is that you can actually touch.

So, those descriptions, selling points, use your senses to convey what it is you are buying, bunny (who doesn't like bunnies), soft, cuddly (love to cuddle too), tub-happy (not quite sure what that means (wearing after you get out of a warm tub?), whisper warm (kinda sexy), pretty pastels (goes without saying), snow white (ah, my prince charming with be arriving soon), and perky navy (go team go), yummy (okay, is $17 in the 60s a good price point?), loll-at-ease (I can do that, or I will do that once I own my pampered by Barbizon house coat).

Ad from Mademoiselle 1959

What is your shopping style and do you get sucked in convinced to buy when reading descriptions?


  1. this is a cute find!

    love from San Francisco,

  2. Great Post've got me thinking now!


  3. eeeerr yes and no when i shop online i get suckered in lol and i hardly shop on the high st i find it sooo very boring but if i happen to stop at a shop i just buy what i want a hurry on home!

    great post btw!

  4. Love the vintage vibe! =)