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Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking a Stroll Through Lithia Park and SOU Art Musuems

Yesterday, my honey and I had a nice stroll along a trail up above the lower reservoir above Lithia Park. This particular trail does not go very far back into the woods, it's a place where the elementary kids go and spend the day to do nature studies. On our way back we stopped at Southern Oregon University's Art Museum before heading to the University library to take photos from some of their vintage periodicals (will post those later).

Lithia Creek, we decided the rock on the right would be a great meditation rock, it was so peaceful and quiet with the water running below.

I thought this was an interesting tree with the shade and light behind.

Same shot as above but with a different exposure.

Here I am in the tree, happy day!

I told my honey to go stand on that log that crossed over the creek, and he did, what a guy!

We walked down to the reservoir. There were people swimming in the water earlier, it is freaking cold, like ice. Snow is still melting on Mt. Ashland.This little boy, as most children go, never seem to mind the cold water.

A shot looking up creek from the reservoir. 
 At the museums is some great art work click here to see schedule. 

My camera captured the glare from the glass in the middle.

 In the other Gallery is wonderful student artwork....

There was series of these beautiful ink drawings on wood or stretched paper, (my camera also caught glare on this drawing). Some wonderful nudes, beautifully done.

I must say Ashland is a very good place to live, all this and more in my backyard in a town of 20,000 or so people.

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