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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some Lamp Light Love

I have a love of table lamps and light, the more novel, kitschy, or crafty the better, it is the design of the lamp I swoon over. Although it is always a nice feature if the lamp gives off light. I still use the old incandescent bulbs in my lamps, but paired with a dark shade, I think I defeat the purpose of light. I must says though, those dark shades put the room in a very romantic mood, whose to say what it'll do for the occupants.

The incandescent bulbs I use were first patented by Henry Woodward of Toronto and Matthew Evans in 1875. With no money to finance their invention, Thomas Edison, also working on bringing about the light bulb, bought the rights to their patent. So, with a $50,000 capital investment, an astonishing amount of money for the time, continued to improve upon the light bulb, with lower current, better globe vacuum and a smaller carbon filament. So, four years later in 1879 we have the light bulb that gives us light to read and work by, pay an electric bill and keep us up all hours of the night. Believe me when the power goes out, we tend to change our living habits.

This pair I use on the side tables by my bed. You notice they don't match, I was never a matchy, matchy kinda person, except years ago, matching the color of shoes and purses and the fingernail polish on all my fingers and toes.

Art Deco by Windsor Royal Quality GMC

Green ceramic with brass metal base and arms

Heavy glass crystal on a white marble base

 I have moved this lamp around to various places in many different homes. I love the rounded shapes of the artist impression of leaves and flowers gracefully entwined, and absolutely love the neutral grey.

This is the front of the lamp, what lovely curves

The back of the lamp has more detail, probably to be use on an end table that is not against the wall.

What do you do when the light go out? Well, I have these nifty kerosene lamps. I bought them years ago when I was living out in the woods or traveling in my camper, I orginally had six, but, somewhere in time three of them managed to find other homes. Now, I just hang them on a hook in my back patio.

Here are a few other light I have in my home. I built my little townhouse three years ago with the help of my 16 year old daughter and eight other families, we all built our home together. these are the light I choose for my dining room and kitchen.

My daughter picked this lamp out. I have to agree the design is kinda cool.

These lights are in my kitchen, I have three in different sizes, the shade are actually white and they reminded me of spaceships.  But they went with the hardware on the cherry wood cabinets. I like them!

These other lamps are for the shop, although I am inclined to favor the Black African woman lamp for myself.

This lamp came from an estate sale including the plastic greenery, love the shade. Made by Bard of California

This lamp I had in my office at work, it did not give mush light with the dark shade, more mood lighting, but fortunately I had some very large windows that let in a lot of light. I didn't like using the florescent overhead lights

Lamp was made in China 2003 and it is small but very heavy.

Okay, that's it, except of course this one old favorite that needs it's cord and fixture replaced, this was at one time another bedside lamp.

Every time I look at this lamp I see a seal with a ball. What would Freud say to that?

All the above lamps, except for the ceiling ones for the new house and the kerosene lamps were thrifted.