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Friday, May 27, 2011

Making Blog Pages Google Likes

The Googlebot Crawl

 As I was searching through my Google Analytics, actually trying to  change a site URL on my own web page, I came across this information about my blog...I found this interesting and wanted to share. What does Googlebot have to say about your blog?

HTML suggestions

When Googlebot crawled your site, it found some issues with your content. These issues won't prevent your site from appearing in Google search results, but addressing them may help your site's user experience and performance.
Meta description Pages
We didn't detect any issues with the meta descriptions on your site.
Title tag Pages
Missing title tags 0
Duplicate title tags 2
Long title tags 0
Short title tags 0
Non-informative title tags 0
Non-indexable content Pages
We didn't detect any issues with non-indexable content on your site.

HTML suggestions

Duplicate title tags

Your title provides users and search engines with useful information about your site. Text contained in title tags can appear in search results pages, and relevant, descriptive text is more likely to be clicked on. We recommend reviewing the list and updating the title tags wherever possible.
Pages with duplicate title tags Pages
Love Fashion Love Vintage: Wordless Wednesday
Well, since Wednesdays fall once a week and it is well known to post only pictures (wordless), I guess I can provide a short descriptive title, the googlebot would like that :D

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  1. I can't get my head round this language but will go and see if I can see what happens when I look will let you know interesting all the same