vintage patterns

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mode Royal Pattern

I have completed the vintage skirts, a mode royal pattern, except for some hand sewing around the waist band and sewing on the buttons. The indian print skirt has vintage glass buttons and I have yet to find any purple buttons for the stripped skirt. Of all my buttons I do not have any purple.

Two Artisans Sisters have a link on their artfire studio that took me to a vintage pattern site. While there I learned more about vintage patterns, other than what I like, and found out about Mode Royal Patterns. Yes, the directions are difficult to follow. It took me over 20 minutes just to figure out from the drawing that I was suppose to turn the facing and side panel inside out, before attaching to front of skirt. A person would think that they would say that in the directions.

No bolero jacket for these skirts, don't have enough fabric. One last thing, the size is 14, but that means for a 27" waist. I hemmed them just below the knee, but I'm thinking they would look more modern just above the knee. I'll post pictures soon. I did a photo shoot today but mostly for my collectables, vintage hats and shoes I'll be posting on my etsy site.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

To many people to visit and interact with, family, friends, online, and so forth. I need some nice quite time to focus and work on what I love, creating, sewing, making cool things.

After, or even while, I am working on the dresses, I thought it would be cool to make some children's aprons from dish towels, ribbons, pockets, and include measuring spoons and a small wooden spoon, (that was yesterdays idea,) I just need a few more supplies. Then today I picked up some straw hats to redecorate, I have a few vintage hats that are very unique, wide brimmed that I will eventually get around to posting. I have made velvet hats many many years ago, I wish I had them now!

Okay off to work on those skirts. That indian print fabric was a bear to cut out and match pattern lines in the fabric.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second Fabric for Skirt with Bolero

I went up in my attic this evening to find a second fabric for the skirt and bolero. Pictured at right.
While I was there I picked through my vintage clothes to sell. So, I have a few of those also. And, what got me most excited was all the wonderful tropical and flowery print fabric from which I want to make dresses. It was hard to not start pulling fabric for the dresses but, I have some other projects to finish first. Until my son moves to Bend and I have his room I do not have the space for anymore projects :(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bolero, Summer/spring Dresses

I searched and I found them! I found the bolero pattern pieces, all except the facings which will be a snap to reproduce. I have decided not to make the horizontal stripped outfit, but will make the green and purple stripped one only. I also am in the processing stage of making several dresses from some of my vintage patterns, looking for the patterns (from my collection), I have several pieces of fabric picked out. The dresses will be for spring/summer and have a tropical or flowery garden party look. I'll post my choices soon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing Pattern Pieces

The bolero jacket pattern pieces are missing. I do have loose patterns pieces floating around, and will search for them. I have been hauling these patterns around for years being involved in several moves and studio set-ups. They use to be kept in those old cardboard pattern boxes that have seen better days. I am now storing them in several large plastic tubs. How should one store patterns? So, the sad tale is I can not make the bolero jacket unless I reproduce from the visual on the instructions and do I have the time? Maybe, it would be another fun thing to do.

I also use plastic sleeves for some of the more fragile patterns, the kind you can buy for comic books. Since writing this post I have sorted all my patterns by brand and number, and have put them in long plastic bins on wheels. The bins are long , but not to tall, about pattern height when the patterns are laid on their sides, I can get over a 100 patterns in each bin, the bins have snap on lids to keep the dust out. Updated 2/24/12.